Welcome to K-9 Crystals By Design .......... we are proud to produce beautiful SPARKLE Embellished Apparel in Dog Breeds. We strive to

make each design Breed Standard Correct. Most stones tend to lose their SPARKLE  after a period of time, ours  will not, they will hold their

SPARKLE for years to come and will never dull. You pay a little more in the beginning but there will be no need to replace our shirts. You are making a investment that will last you for years to come.

Currently we have hundreds of designs and are constantly updating and adding more. Please contact us and we will be happy to send you pictures of the breeds you select, along with the prices. 

We add our designs to a very nice quality of women's dress shirts. We do not use unisex shirts. Please see our clothing page to see other options and choices for clothing. Included in the price is a short sleeve shirt but for a nominal charge you can upgrade. We will customize to your taste. You can also send your own clothing for us to Bling out for you.

We travel all over the United States so please check out our EVENTS page to see when we will be in your area. Check back frequently because we are always updating our events page.

Do you have a picture of your own dog that you like? Send it to us and we can do a custom of your own dog or any other animal or item that you would like.


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